What constitutes good land? Several factors to consider when investing your hard earned money. Great land will have the right mix of location, topography, features, and of course price. So, here are a few questions to consider: 1. What is your intention before buying? Are you buying long term or short term? Do you want to develop for commercial. residential shopping and etc? Are you speculating on future developments? or Is it for family recreational use. 2. Do you know a deal when you see it? That's right, you need to study the market to catch your opportunity to purchase 3. Are you ready to buy? Don't miss around or you'll miss out. Great opportunities are lost everyday by missed opportunities. So, know your financing options unless you're purchasing with cash. Because knowing how you'll purchase the property will help you in negotiations. 4. But before you close, make sure you have performed your due diligence: Perk Test, Zoning, Restrictions, Environmental Issues and etc.

So, know what you want to do before purchasing. Don't rush to buy because someone else may buy it. This only puts you at a disadvantage.  Because it's can be like purchasing land could be like purchasing that lemon car.

Here are more tips on purchasing land.

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